Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)

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Interested in research in Statistics and Actuarial Science?

If you are interested in working on a current research project that aligns with your studies or are considering graduate studies, working full-time (35 hours/week) or part-time (10hours/week) with a faculty supervisor during your undergraduate degree is a valuable experience.

Students interested in gaining experience in research through working with faculty members in our department, please complete the research assistantships student application form.  You are also welcome to contact a faculty member directly to request consideration to work on their project.

Finding a Supervisor

Supervisors by research strengths:

Research Funding Awards (Full-time)

Students coordinating with a supervisor to work full-time on a project may be eligible for funding through the following awards:

President’s Research Awards (Part-time or Full-time)

Eligible students, coordinating with a supervisor to work part-time or full-time on a project can apply for following award: