The power of curiosity

Thursday, March 4, 2021

“I like to think I’m a curious person,” said Jennifer Haid (BMath’04), a native of the Waterloo Region. When she learned about Waterloo’s Math Day from her high school math teacher, she decided to attend in hopes of learning about a career path that would leverage her aptitude for mathematics in the business world. “I remember watching a professor deliver a presentation about actuarial science and thinking two things: It was challenging, and I could do it,” she shared. 

Today, Haid serves as the Chief Executive Officer of a market-leading longevity platform called Club Vita. As the COVID-19 pandemic shines on a spotlight on the factors that contribute to longevity, her company’s work has taken center stage.

“My best advice to the next generation of students is to stay curious and commit to being a lifelong learner,” she reflected. “If you do that, you will collect the skills and experience needed to solve the problems of the future.” 

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