Waterloo hosts health data science workshop

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

This week, the University of Waterloo campus will host the second-ever CANSSI-NISS Health Data Science Workshop, taking place from August 3rd to 4th. This workshop is jointly sponsored by the Canadian Statistical Sciences Institute (CANSSI) and the United States' National Institute of Statistical Sciences (NISS).

The driving force behind organizing this event was the recognition by a group of statisticians from both the U.S. and Canada that addressing significant health-related inquiries often hinges on the collection and analysis of human health data. To address this need and to focus on the computational aspects of health data, the CANSSI-NISS Health Data Science Workshop was established.

“Trying to answer important health questions often requires the collection and ultimately the analysis of human health data,” says Joel Dubin, an associate professor of statistics and actuarial science who is cross appointed in the School of Public Health Sciences. “A group of statisticians from the U.S. and Canada realized the need for a more computationally-focused meeting that concentrated on health data,” he explains, and the CANSSI-NISS Health Data Science Workshop was the result.

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