Cyntha Struthers

Associate Professor Emerita

Math Faculty Teaching Fellow

Cyntha Struthers

Contact Information:
Cyntha Struthers

Research interests

Methods for modelling continuous-time longitudinal data subject to


  • BMath (University of Waterloo)
  • MMath (University of Waterloo)
  • PhD (University of Waterloo)

Selected publications

  • Cyntha A. Struthers and Donald L. McLeish. “A particular diffusion model for incomplete data: applications to the multicenter AIDS cohort study”, Advanced Access published January 3, 2011, doi: 10.1093/biostatistics/kxq079.
  • McLeish, Donald L., and Cyntha Struthers. 2006. "Estimation of Regression Parameters in Missing Data Problems." Canadian Journal of Statistics 34: 233-59.
  • M. Shimpo, and Cyntha Struthers. 1991. Rhetoric and Reality: Education and Work in Changing Denendeh. Report. (Report on the Dene Education and Work Project funded by SSHRCC)
  • Struthers, Cyntha. 1991. "Estimation of Met and Unmet Child-Care Needs in Canada Based on the Family History Survey." Canadian Journal of Statistics 19: 265-79.
  • Struthers, Cyntha, and V.T. Farewell. 1989. "A Mixture Model for Time to AIDS Data with Left Truncation and Uncertain Origin." Biometrika 76: 814-17.
  • Struthers, Cyntha, and J.D. Kalbfleisch. 1986. "Misspecified Proportional Hazards Model." Biometrika 73: 363-69.
  • Struthers, Cyntha. 1984. Asymptotic Distribution Theory for Linear Rank Tests With Right Censored Data. Waterloo, ON : Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo. Technical Report 84-06.
  • Kalbfleisch, J.D., and Cyntha Struthers. 1982. "An Analysis of the Reynolds Metals Company Data." Canadian Journal of Statistics 10: 237-59.
  • W.F. Forbes, Cyntha Struthers, and others. 1979. Predicting the Decline of Lung Cancer Mortality Following the Imposition of Differential Taxation. Health and Welfare Canada. Feasibility Study.