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Richard CookCanada Research Chair, Statistical Methods for Health Research

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Research interests

My research interests include the development and application of statistical methods for public health. Specific areas of interest include the analysis of life history data, longitudinal data, incomplete data, sequential methods, multivariate analysis, clinical trial design, and the assessment of diagnostic tests.

Selected publications

  • Cook RJ, Bergeron P-J (2011).  Information in the sample covariate distribution in prevalent cohorts.  Statistics in Medicine, 30(12), 1397–1409.
  • Chen B, Yi GY, Cook RJ (2010).  Weighted generalized estimating functions for longitudinal response and covariate data that are missing at random.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, 105(489), 336-353.
  • Cook RJ, Lawless JF, Lee K-A (2010).  A copula-based mixed Poisson model for bivariate recurrent events under event-dependent censoring.  Statistics in Medicine, 29(6), 694–707.
  • Cook RJ, Yi GY, Lee K-A (2010).  Sequential testing with recurrent events over multiple treatment periods.  Statistics in Biosciences, 2(2), 137–153.
  • Yi GY, Cook RJ, Chen B (2010).  Estimating functions for evaluating treatment effects in cluster-randomized longitudinal studies in the presence of drop-out and non-compliance.  Canadian Journal of Statistics, 38(2), 232-255.
  • Cook RJ, Bergeron P-J, Boher J-M, Liu Y (2009).  Two-stage design of clinical trials involving recurrent events.  Statistics in Medicine, 28(21), 2617–2638.
  • Cook RJ, Lawless JF, Lakhal-Chaieb L, Lee K-A (2009).  Robust estimation of mean functions and treatment effects for recurrent events under event-dependent censoring and termination: Application to skeletal complications in cancer metastatic to bone.  Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104 (485), 60-75.
  • Cook RJ, Tolusso D (2009).  Second-order estimating equations for the analysis of clustered current status data.  Biostatistics, 10(4), 756–772.
  • Cook RJ, White BJG, Yi GY, Lee K-A (2008), Warkentin TE.  Analysis of a non-susceptible fraction with current status data.  Statistics in Medicine, 27(14), 2715–2730.
  • Cook RJ, Zeng L, Lee K-A (2008).  A multistate model for bivariate interval censored failure time data.  Biometrics, 64(4), 1100–1109.
University of Waterloo
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