Request for exam review SAS

At the beginning of each term the ISCs will hold exam viewing sessions to respond to students' requests of viewing their exams from the previous term. 

Note that exam viewing days/times for the following term will be updated and made available after the current term's grades appear on Quest. e.g. If you wrote an exam in December, you will not be able to request an exam viewing for January until grades start to appear on Quest.

Please see exam viewing rules below before attending

For students: Exam Viewing Rules

  • Bring your WatCard (preferable) or another form of photo ID.
  • You may only view your own exam and cannot bring someone else to view your exam with you. The exam assesses your knowledge and understanding of the course material – not someone else’s.
  • You may not leave the room with the exam.
  • You may not write anything on the exam.
  • You may not copy/photocopy/take pictures of, etc. the exam or any parts thereof, including your answer(s), except as indicated in the next point.
  • You are allowed to make notes on a separate piece of paper (a remark request form provided at the viewing) but only for the purposes of appealing the marking of specific questions. For a remark request, specific questions and reasoning for the request must be given on the form – stating “I want this question remarked” is not specific enough.
  • Note: When a remark is requested, we may re-examine questions other than those reported on the re-mark form to make sure there are no other marking errors. Marking errors may raise or lower your mark or result in no overall change. If you have additional questions after receiving the re-mark result please refer to Policy 70.
  • The person supervising the viewing cannot answer course specific questions or questions about the marking of the exam.
  • The viewing time may be limited to up to 15 minutes for each student if necessary for accommodating the volume of requests.

To book a viewing please go to the MS Bookings site.

If you experience any issues with the booking site or have questions please e-mail