Kathleen Rybczynski

Mompreneurs: Children are the greatest risk factor for women entrepreneurs


Children actually help entrepreneurial dads stay the course but the gender difference starts to disappear when women get access to startup funds, says Waterloo economist

Smartphone impact on brain - conceptual

Heavy smartphone use linked to lower intelligence


People who use their search engine - rather than brainpower - to solve everyday problems are lazier thinkers, Waterloo research finds

man and woman looking upset

Waterloo research: Why do people stay in unhappy relationships?


People with low self-esteem are more likely to stay in difficult intimate relationships, says Waterloo psychology researcher

Edmund Phelps

Nobel Prize winner at Waterloo to speak about innovation


It's not isolated visionaries like Steve Jobs that drive the economy. It's the millions of grassroots innovators that power prosperity, says Nobel laureate

David Cory

How to build a quantum computer


Waterloo researcher David Cory shares three rules for building a quantum computer

Open data at Waterloo fosters student innovation


University’s open data initiative is important resource for Waterloo Student Portal

Chris Eliasmith

Waterloo researchers among top in Canada


Chris Eliasmith, who has built a computer model of the human brain, is given prestigious John C. Polanyi Award

How can parents help protect shy children from anxiety disorders?


A warm, responsive parenting style can safeguard shy children from becoming teens with anxiety disorders, says University of Waterloo researcher

Rolf Horn - article contains video

Waterloo invention advances quantum computing research


New device, which will be used in labs around the world to develop quantum technologies, produces fragile entangled photons in a more efficient way

Linda Nazar

Waterloo researchers advance electric car battery research


Cheaper lithium-sulphur battery may one day take electric cars three times further, says Waterloo researcher