1995-96 SYDE 461/462 workshop projects

The following is the list of topics chosen by the fourth year Systems Design Engineering students for their final year workshop project.

  • Alignment of information technology strategy and planning with corporate strategy
    Supervisor: Professor David Dilts
    Group: Rajesh Gokhale

  • An integrative \study of quality
    Supervisor: professor David Dilts
    Group: Thanh-My Dang, and Dragana Beara

  • Controlling room comfort with electric heaters
    Supervisor: professor R. A. Fraser
    Group: Alan Ritchie

  • Development of a quality management system for use in International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9000 applications.
    Supervisor: professor Savage
    Group: Mark Wilson

  • Design of fuzzy logic control system for a remote controlled vehicle
    Supervisor: professor David Wong (E&CE)
    Group: Brian Brown, Ray Carby, Jarek Niedbala, Rudy Virani

  • Improving bicycle energy utilization
    Supervisor: professor R. A. Fraser (Mechanical)
    Group: Andrew Tay

  • Design and implementation of a 3 Dimensional (3D) flame imaging system
    Supervisor: professor R. A. Fraser (Mechanical)
    Group: Peter Spindloe

  • A expert system Geographic Information System (GIS) for environmental assessment/planning in developing countries
    Supervisor: Professor Paul H. Calamai
    Group: Steve Edgett

  • Assistive motion picture captioning system for theatre patrons with hearing impairments
    Supervisor: professor W. Adrian, Optometry, Jan Uhde, Fine Arts (Film Studies)
    Group: Andrew Sloss

  • Database Inventory Management Enterprise System (D.I.M.E.S.)
    Supervisor: professor R.G. Vickson., Dept. of Management Sciences
    Group: Salim Dhanji, Ryan Kari

  • Predicting floods - a simulation exercise in object-oriented programming.
    Supervisor: professor Ponnambalam
    Group: Natalie Proctor

  • Integrating groupware concepts into Encarta.
    Supervisor: prof Tom Carey
    Group: Terry Woo

  • An algorithm for locating zones and analyzing their image quality in grayscale documents
    Supervisor: prof Kamel, Ray Higgins (AT&T), and Slawomir Wesolkowskir (AT&T)
    Group: A. J. Rajendra, M. N. Rezvani, C. Shanmuganathan

  • Design of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) for fast and accurate numeral recognition
    Supervisor: prof Kamel, K. Hassanian (AT&T)
    Group: T. A. Lee, R. W. Wong

  • Guidelines for the design of pointing devices to reduce the risks of cumulative trauma disorders in right handed Visual Display Terminal (VDT) users: a biomechanical analysis
    Supervisor: prof Richard Wells, Kinesiology
    Group: Dan Lisogurski, Darren Matthews

  • Design of a continuously variable transmission for a bicycle
    Supervisor: prof Lambert (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
    Group: Matthew Brett

  • MetaMedia project
    Supervisor: prof Michael McCool
    Group: Ian Wong, Bart Millar, Kris Jubandhu

  • Investigation of strange air flows at Kitchener City Hall
    Supervisor: prof Roydon Fraser (Mech. Engineering) and Chris Ford (City Hall)
    Group: Sabena Butt

  • Surface water quality monitoring
    Supervisor: prof Ponnambalam
    Group: Rachel MacKay

  • Life cycle analysis
    Supervisor: prof Ponnambalam
    Group: Jason Payne

  • Investigation of the visual acuity and its dependency on contract and observation time at two background luminance levels
    Supervisor: prof W. Adrian, Department of Optometry
    Group: May Chu, Ada Chow

  • User-centred design for a navigation system
    Supervisor: prof Fran Allard, Kiniesiology
    Group: Wayne Ho, Mike Zuliani

  • Designing a test facility for flexible multi-bodied robotic manipulators.
    Supervisor: prof. John McPhee, Prof. Glenn Heppler, Grad Student Lawrence Chan
    Group: Scott Brookes, David Lovekin, Ed Volcic

  • Immagineering contest sponsored by Walt Disney World
    Supervisor(s): prof Chandrashakar (Sept to Jan), Prof Greg Wall (Sept to May)
    Group: Astra Wong

  • Optimal staffing of a medical clinic under random arrivals and departures
    Supervisor(s): prof Ponnambalam
    Group: Shabina Ahmed

  • Sensitivity of risk analysis - an examination of risk from an environmental perspective
    Supervisor(s): prof Johnathon Sykes - civil eng.
    Group: Mark Rechsteiner

  • Biogas implementation using GIS
    Supervisor(s): Prof Chandrashekar
    Group: Paul Chun

  • Life cycle assessment of automobile fuels in Canada
    Supervisor(s): internal: prof. Ponnambalam, external: Rob Macintosh, Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development
    Group: Marlo Raynolds

  • Education on the Internet
    Supervisor(s): Dr. Carolyn MacGreggor
    Group: Judith Innes, Alison Davidson

  • Career services totally re-engineered on the net (CaSeTRON)
    Supervisor(s): Dr. Kish Hahn
    Group: Sohail Ahmed ,Raj Sadaranganey

  • Improvements to systems design course SD161
    Supervisor(s): Dr. Chandrashekar, Dave Swan
    Group: L Dusseault

  • Multi-robot graphical simulation on a silicon graphics platform
    Supervisor(s): Dr. Rene Mayorga
    Group: John Fletcher, Mauro Forcolin

  • Enhancement of retinal images degraded by cataract
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Ed Jernigan
    Group: Janine Georgijev, Rahim Pira

  • Wireless communications
    Supervisor(s): prof. Zhuang (Electrical Engineering)
    Group: Shamsha, and K Pangnathip

  • World Wide Web (WWW) Librarian Project
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Paul H. Calamai
    Group: Chris McLaren, Chris Toth

  • The project mapper
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Debbi Stacey
    Group: Peter Roschke

  • Application of Contact Sensors to High Speed Document Scanning
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Arokia Nathan, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Eric C. Pearson M.A.Sc., Head of R & D department at Focus Automation Systems Inc.,
    Group: Mario Ivanic

  • The Design of an Engineering Admissions Database
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Ed Jernigan
    Group: Ian Lancelotte

  • Ergonomics
    Supervisor(s): Gail Newton, Health and Safety, Walker Exhaust
    Group: Jason Gawel, Doug McGuire, Amy McCleverty

  • Business Management System
    Supervisor(s): Grant Weddell of Computer Science
    Group: Altaf Jetha and Iqbal Kassamali

  • A Portable, Flexible, and Robust Database Application Programming Interface (API)
    Supervisor(s): Prof. Otman Basir
    Group: Paul Newson

  • Cantilever beam oscillation dampening using a movable mass
    Supervisor(s): prof. G.R.Heppler, M.F. Golnaraghi
    Group: Kevin R. Wright