1998-99 SYDE 461/462 workshop projects

Workshop co-ordinator: Prof. Barry Wills

List of design projects

Following the list of all projects (students, project title, supervisors)

  • David Chai
    Control in the extended enterprise using the using the swarm simulation system
    David Dilts
  • Anik Sane, Calvin Chow, Craig Stait-Gardner
    A cybernetic analysis of communciaiton process flows at company X
    Frank Safayeni
  • Bill Vickery
    Decision support
    Anne Pidduck
  • Sunny Wong, Anthony Lau
    Exploring the possibilities with secure internet-based direct trading on the stock exchange
    Gordon Agnew
  • Tyrone Chou, Ritcha Gupta, John Macintyre
    Financial modelling and optimization
    K. Ponnambalam
  • Jerry Chuang, Lawrence Teh
    Fiancial risk management-value at risk computation
    Phelim P. Boyle
  • Sarah A. Hoicka
    Integrating technlogy
    Ji-Ye Mao
  • Mohamed K. Ladha, Prosenjit Lahiry
    Modelling futures pricing using expert systems
    Kenneth R. Vetzal
  • Sachin Saranathan, Tom Petr, Mike Nguyen
    Peter H. Roe
  • Aron Rogers, Rhae-Christie Shaw
    CAROL -an online personal information manager
    Bruno Preiss
  • Russell Arrell
    Intelligent spam filter
    Peter Roe
  • Kurt D. Lenfesty
    Partitioning softwre to reduce complexity and extract information
    K. Ponnambalam
  • Derek Rayside, Erik Hedges
    Representing UML design information in Java
    Kostas Kontogiannis
  • Chris Ford, Doug Suerich
    Study of a three tiered email architecture
    Kevin Harrigan
  • Terry Stewart
    An agent ontology for a virtual environment
    Mohamed Kamel
  • Graham Mooney
    Human form identification system using Fourier descriptors in a neural network
    David Wang
  • Winnie M. Leung, Robert S. Sarkar
    Computer teaching module for medical students: pressure in lung physiology
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Mark Derbecker, Daniel Kim
    Musical mentor: a computer - assistied learning system ofr musicians
    Barry L. Wills
  • Jenni Tee, Felix Tin
    PLAVSPACE: an educational game
    Carolyn MacGregor
  • Diane Cameron, Kate Hoye
    Design and commercialisation of an ergonomic leg support system for a medical examination table
    Larry Smith
  • Brian Northan
    Directional microphone processing
    Ed Jernigan
  • Christine Cheng
    Integrating women and energy: rural biomass energy models for developing countries
    Henry Venema, Ian Rowlands
  • Paul Conley
    Treadmill fuzzy control system
    F. Karray
  • Cynthia Handler, Shannon Nichols, Vikas Nagaraj
    Automated redness grading of ocular images
    Paul Fieguth, Trefford Simpson
  • Amuthini Ponnuthurai, Sasha Kasapinovic
    Digital Image Authentication System (DIAS)
    Khaled Hassanein, Mahmoud R. El-Sakka
  • Vladimir Joanovic
    Extracting Pseudo semantics from images: indoor vs. outdoor
    Paul Fieguth
  • Renee Lazarowich, Alison Woodcock
    M E Jernigan
  • Lindsay Wood, Shawna Silver
    Modelling of Intra-operative Brain Swelling
    Glenn Heppler
  • Claire Arnott, Anthony Bauman, Jason Elliott
    Automated material handling system
    Paul Fieguth
  • Tricia Brenneman, Colin Cheung-Seekit, Hank Liao
    Autonomous multi-robotic intelligence: round 'em up robots
    Paul Fieguth
  • Rosemary Emery, Sarah Mihailovich
    EMMA: Emotionally Motivated Animats
    Mohammed Kamel
  • Kenneth K.K. Lam
    End-effector design for WATFLEX
    Glenn Heppler
  • Michael Kirouac, Paul Laderoute
    Hexplorer 2 walking robot
    Jan Huissoon
  • C. Michael Jamieson
    Reinforcement learning in soccer agents
    Mohamed Kamel
  • Ed Barsalou, Brian Cort
    A very tense robot: applications of tensegrity in robotics
    J. Roorda
  • Andrew Bubb-Clarke, Marcel Butz, Malcolm Lewis, Daniel Sherwood
    Blimp airship project
    Jan Huissoon
  • Samantha Chan, Mayze Chung
    Drama theory: a case study of the TianAnMen Square massacre
    K.W. Hipel, Jason Levy
  • Amy Heppler
    Design for assembly and inadvertent environmentalism
    Beth Jewkes, Tim Nye
  • Tony Hoedl, Eugene Huang
    Design of a racing strategy for the midnight sun v solar car
    Peter H. Roe
  • Matthew S. Clarke
    An examination of die wear in rubber extrusion
    J.G. Lenard
  • Todd Simpson
    Intelligent residential forced air heating distribution system
    Roydon Fraser
  • Geoffrey Keyworth
    Latent thermal energy storage for residential Cuma Te control
    Roydon A. Fraser
  • Michael Reid
    Mash seam welding
    H. Kerr
  • Deb Boyd, Anita Katakkar, Veronica Law
    Modelling of an environmentally sustainable community based on the analysis of west side waterloo development project
    Keith Hipel, Jason Levy