Technology for Healthy Aging Research Seminar

Friday, October 1, 2021 10:00 am - 10:00 am EDT (GMT -04:00)

Successful development of technology--and training of technology innovators and researchers--is challenging and inherently interdisciplinary. This is especially true when designing for user populations that are younger, older, or are living with impairments and disabilities.

Bruce N. Walker will share insights and lessons learned as founding director of the Georgia Tech Sonification Lab and will present some examples of successful transdisciplinary research, design, and education efforts. Dr. Walker will outline a vision for fruitful and impactful programs of R&D that leverage technology for healthy aging, with a focus on education, mobility, and universal design of products and services. He will also discuss strategies to enhance entrepreneurialism, hands-on learning, and service-based education.

Presented by: Bruce N. Walker 

School of Psychology and School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology

Bruce Walker’s Sonification Lab studies the design of multimodal user interfaces and user experiences for non-traditional systems, such as mobile devices, cockpits, vehicle displays, and interfaces in education. Particular interests include sonification and auditory displays, which are highly useful for children, older adults, and persons living with disabilities. Dr. Walker is passionate about leveraging technology to make education, mobility, and everyday products and services more useful, usable, and accessible. Professor Walker teaches Design, Research Methods, HCI, Engineering Psychology, Sensation & Perception, and Assistive Technology. He has over 250 publications, and has worked on projects for NASA, state and federal governments, the military, and private companies. Dr. Walker is also a successful entrepreneur, advising and operating companies that develop technology for the greater good.