New breakthrough in the Department of Systems Design Engineering has been highlighted in several news agencies

Friday, October 11, 2019

A recent discovery made by Professor Parsin Haji Reza and his research team at the PhotoMedicine Labs has found a novel approach with the potential to make major changes to the surgical oncology field.

This new imaging technology may be able to detect the edges of cancerous tumours with precision in real time with the possibility to remove the need for additional surgeries of missed malignant tissue. How this technology works is by sending laser light pulses into targeted tissue, which then the tissue absorbs the light, heats up, expands and creates soundwaves. These soundwaves are then detected by another laser and processed to establish if there is any cancerous tissue present or not. This technology requires no physical contact, works in real-time and penetrates deeper compared to the most technologies.

This recent discovery on the new imaging technology has been making waves across multiple news platforms being highlighted at:, CTV News, The Engineer, Zenopa, NCYT, The Medical News, MedicalXpress, SciTech Daily, eCancer, ENN, Eurekalert, Pourquoi Docteur, InfoWares, idigitalheatlh, Exchange Magazine, Mindzilla and many more.

Read the latest publications about this discovery here:

All-optical Reflection-mode Microscopic Histology of Unstained Human Tissues

Chromophore selective multi-wavelength photoacoustic remote sensing of unstained human tissues