SYDE faculty awarded the Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowship

Thursday, May 23, 2024

On Saturday 20 April 2024, The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), hosted an award gala in Ottawa. Dr. David Clausi, professor and Associate Dean of Research & External Partnerships, was one of eight awarded the 2023 Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowship. 

Founded in 1887, EIC announces senior engineering awards and fellowship inductees winning recipients annually. The organization regularly recognizes and documents engineering excellence to define and build the future of engineering. The Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowships are the highest distinctions made by the Institute and are awarded to deserving members. These exceptional engineers, Dr. Clausi among them, are being awarded for their exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada. 

Dr. Clausi's research lies in computer vision, image processing, and pattern recognition with an emphasis on the automated interpretation of satellite imagery. As of result of his teaching and research work, Dr. Clausi has received numerous other awards including the “Research Excellence and Service to the Research Community” award from the Canadian Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (CIPPRS), Outstanding Performance Awards, Distinguished Performance Awards, and two teaching awards (Sanford Fleming Teaching Excellence Award, University of Calgary Teaching Excellence Award).

Dr. David Clausi receiving the Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowship

Dr. David Clausi receiving the Engineering Institute of Canada Fellowship