SYDE professor featured in podcast CRAM

Thursday, February 22, 2024

In the latest episode of the CRAM podcast, Dr. John McPhee, Professor and Canada Research Chair in System Dynamics, delves into the importance of his research in how we move. Hosted by journalist Mary Ito, CRAM is a Toronto-based podcast that aims to bring cutting-edge research and innovative ideas to the public.

Dr. McPhee, known for his pioneering work in the mathematical development of graph-theoretic modeling, is a fitting guest for the podcast, which features leading researchers and thinkers from across Canada. The episode explores Dr. McPhee's 30+ years improving electric and autonomous vehicles, developing exoskeletons for stroke patients, and increasing the performance of Olympic and pro-athletes.

Listeners can tune in to gain insights into the dynamic and interconnected nature of modern systems. Dr. McPhee's expertise sheds light on the complex interactions that shape our world.

The episode is now available on all podcast platforms or watch it on YouTube.

Dr. John McPhee and Mary Ito

Dr. John McPhee and Mary Ito