SYDE Professor's company profiled by Microsoft

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Company led by Systems Design Engineering (SYDE) Professor Parsin Haji Reza caught Microsoft's attention for their use of the Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform. 

Professor Haji Reza, who is the Director of Photomedicine Labs and Founder and Chief Technology Officer of the medical imagining startup, illumiSonics Inc., patented a tissue imaging technology called photoacoustic remote sensing (PARS). The images generated by PARS are incredibly high resolution and include cellular-level detail that surpass the current industry standard. The images can be up to 70 gigabytes in size, which is equal to about 23 hours of streaming high-definition video.

The constraint illumiSonics faced was finding an infrastructure solution to process, securely store, and make the images accessible to clinicians. They worked with Microsoft to create a cloud computing app for clinicians to access images on demand. The Azure platform is an ideal solution for clinicians working in both hospital and research settings because of its flexibility to spikes in computational demand and built-in security compliance. 

To broaden the potential application of the technology, the app also includes Azure Cognitive Services. illumiSonics is preparing to use machine learning to create a database that could automatically identify multiple types of cancer cells. The illumiSonics team envisions a future where medical imaging results are delivered in real time to inform patient care decisions and speed up recovery times. 

Photomedicine labs team

Professor Parsin Haji Reza (top row, second from the right) with the PhotoMedicine Labs team. 

The article "illumiSonics is working to accelerate real-time, touchless laser research geared to revolutionizing medical imaging with Azure" was originally posted on Microsoft Customer Stories