Vector Welcomes 2020 Cohort of Faculty Affiliates

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Hamid Tizhoosh
Professor Hamid Tizhoosh, the director of Kimia Lab, has been appointed as a faculty affiliate to the Vector Institute for a second time. On December 22, 2020, The Vector Institute announced that 72 faculty holding appointments at universities across Ontario have been appointed as 2020 Faculty Affiliates. The 2020 cohort is a combination of new and returning members. Dr. Tizhoosh’s first appointment was in June 2018 (the first Vector cohort of faculty affiliates) and ended in December 2020. The new appointment will end in December 2022.

The Vector Institute, based in Toronto, is one of the world’s top research institutes in machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL). The daily life and concentration of expertise at Vector fosters a network of over 500 researchers and potential collaborators. Researchers at Vector work with industry sponsors as well as universities and other public institutions to support the artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem in Ontario. The Vector Faculty Affiliates Program is intended to expand the research community’s expertise in the areas of AI, computer science, engineering, and other disciplines related to machine learning, as well as strategic domains of application. Vector Faculty Affiliates are appointed to a two‐year term and have part-time access to resources. Faculty Affiliates form an integral part of the Vector community, engaged in both research and community activities. Where interests align, Faculty Affiliates can also benefit from interacting with industry sponsors, as well as health and academic partners, through participation in networking events, seminars, training sessions and workshops.