Spring Courses

Course Number Title Instructor
SYDE 644 Human Factors Testing (PDF) Dr. John E. Muñoz
SYDE 660 SYDE Workshop 1 (PDF) Dr. Jennifer Howcroft
SYDE 660A A - Artifical Intelligence & Machine Learning   
SYDE 660B B - Biomedical Systems   
SYDE 660C C - Human Factors   
SYDE 660D D - Mechatronic & Physical Systems   
SYDE 660E E - Vision, Image & Signal Processing  
SYDE 661 Model-Based Robust Design   
SYDE 674 3D Computer Vision (PDF)  
SYDE 683 Design of MEMS and NEMS (PDF) Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman
SYDE 684 Materials Biocompatibility (PDF)  
SYDE 710 Topics in Mathematics   
SYDE 720 Topics in Computation   
  Topic: Geophysical Forecasting Using Deep Learning Dr. Andrea Scott
SYDE 730 Topics in Societal-Environmental Systems   
SYDE 740 Topics in Human Systems  
SYDE 750 Topics in Systems Modelling  
  Topic 29: Non-Linear Systems (PDF)  
SYDE 760 Topics in Engineering Design   
SYDE 770  Topics in Communication and Information Systems  
  Topic: Probabilistic Machine Learning Dr. John Zelek
SYDE 780 Topics in Engineering Sciences   

Keep in mind that there are limitations on the number of 500-series courses that can count as graduate credit:
MEng (2), MASc (1), PhD (0)

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