Xiaodan (Charlotte) Hu


Paul Fieguth

Research interests

My current research primarily focuses on content-adaptive projector resolution enhancement.

Research topics

Projector Display, Image Processing

Research demo



Conference papers

X. Hu, M. A. NaielA. Wong,  M. Lamm, and P. Fieguth, "RUNet: A Robust UNet Architecture for Image Super-Resolutionpdf", in Press Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop, 2019. Details

-->X. Hu, M. A. NaielZ. AzimifarM. Lamm, and P. Fieguth, "Visual Enhancement of Moving Content in Projected Imagerypdf", Society for Information Display International Symposium, 2019. Details

X. HuM. A. NaielZ. AzimifarI. Ben DayaM. Lamm, and P. Fieguth,  "Text Enhancement in Projected Imagerypdf", Conference on Vision and Imaging Systems, 2018. Details

X. HuA. MaA. GawishM. Lamm, and P. Fieguth, "Motion Detection in High Resolution Enhancementpdf", Conference on Vision and Imaging Systems, 2017. Details

University of Waterloo

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