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Web Resources is intended to be a “hub” for website maintainers at Waterloo. Request a website. Stay informed by joining the UWweb mailing list. And, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the campus-wide web guidelines and policies that pertain to your site.

  1. Aug. 31, 2017WCMS deadline, switch to responsive design - September 5

    What is happening? All English language WCMS sites that are in the deprecated (legacy) non-responsive design will be switched to the responsive design. French and Chinese language sites will also be switched to the responsive design unless you contact us before the deadline.

  2. Aug. 18, 2017SharePoint maintenance – August 30

    What is happening? As part of the regular maintenance of IST services, updates will be applied to SharePoint servers. These updates will impact both and services.

  3. Aug. 10, 2017WCMS version 2.5.0 release

    All WCMS responsive, single page, conference and publication sites are being upgraded to 2.5.0. Non-responsive sites are not affected by this release.

    This upgrade is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to pilot sites overnight on Thursday, August 10, and production sites starting Monday, August 14.

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  1. Sep. 26, 2017WCMS for Site Managers [SEW100]

    This hands-on course for Site Managers will provide an overview of site manager specific tasks and functionality in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) including creating site-wide content (promotional items, footers, etc.), managing user access and site permissions, adding Google analytics tracking, managing redirects, and managing workflow.

    Pre-requisite: WCMS for Content Maintainers [SEW099]

    Instructors: Elizabeth Scott, WCMS Training & Support, Information Systems & Technology

  2. Sep. 28, 2017WCMS Web Form Creation [SEW 101]

    In this hands-on course we introduce the WCMS form features and guide you through creating a form, adding form components, configuring email options, and using conditionals and form validation. We'll also talk about security and privacy concerns with collecting data and how you can decide what to collect.

    Pre-requisite: WCMS for Content Maintainers [SEW099]

  3. Oct. 3 to 4, 2017WCMS for Content Maintainers [SEW099]
    This hands-on course for content maintainers will provide an overview of the main features of the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) including creating new content, editing content, uploading and adding images and documents, submitting drafts for review, reviewing drafts, publishing and managing content.
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  1. Sep. 15, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 15, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev

    Here's what we've got in this week's Web Dev Rev notes: a look at how to parse HTML in Drupal 8; building a non-English Drupal 7 site; the Chatbot API module for Drupal 8; the release of Drupal Commerce 2.0; what a Drupal Developer Days proposal looks like; a simple Drupal skills test; a new way of sorting issue queues; Sesame Street runs on Drupal; a look at who sponsors Drupal development; creating accessible Drupal 8 modals when Javascript is disabled; Autocomplete Deluxe for Drupal 8 is out; how the WYSIWYG is a lie (and what to do about it); a look at Firefox's new CSS engine; how Safari is the new Internet Explorer; making your website accessible to people using a screen magnifier; an online event for 24 hours of inclusive design on November 16th; CSS scroll boundary behavior controls coming to Chrome; a front end performance checklist; and Sonar, the new linting tool for the web.

  2. Sep. 8, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 8, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev

    Here's what we've got in this week's Web Dev Rev notes: Drupal Global Training Days on September 8 & 9; has a new documentation system that needs a landing page; pre-conference notes on capitalizing on Drupal North; the hidden costs of decoupling Drupal; adjusting Drupal 8's experimental modules process/requirements; a draft of proposed product goals for Drupal 8.5/8.6 and a more detailed breakdown of the same; the Drupal 8.4.0 release candidate phase has started; coding standards change proposals (which introduced us to the concept of "yoda conditions"); a look at DrupalCon Europe's financial problems; a look at what's coming with Drupal 8.4.0; headless Firefox and headless Chrome; a look at some things that screen readers don't do consistently; and finally, a grid templating contest where you could win a trip to Barcelona.

  3. Sep. 1, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev wrap-up for September 1, 2017WCMS Web Dev Rev

    It's another week with lots of notes, since many of the WCMS team just got back from Drupal North. We looked at: the Drupal North group photo; the fact that Drupal North videos were already online; command line accessibility testing with Pa11y; proto-CSS languages from the early days of the web; the CSS text-justify property for controlling how spacing is handled; SVG gotchas; building better background photos; a collection of design resources (at the .party domain!); Smashing Magazine's series of "designing the perfect..." articles for sliders, accordions, date/time pickers, and feature comparison tables; a CSS trick for curved text along a path; a different article on implementing a slider well; new additions to the CSS grid inspector in Firefox Nightly; a wide-reaching collection of cool tools for various functions; some tips on interviewing for web developers (from both sides of the table); all about pair programming; the options for programmatically documenting CSS; renaming a font in CSS (ask for Arial, get Comic Sans!); the final death of Flash; next steps for connection security; Google starts penalizing intrusive interstitials; the CSS :focus-within pseudo-selector; Web Developer for Chrome compromised; simple SASS mixins for CSS grid backwards compatibility; what the web can do today; "above the fold" is a myth (FYI); and finally, an example of the webkitdirectory attribute to allow uploading entire folders at once.

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