WCMS update for November 2021

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
by Andrea Jennings

What’s happening with the WCMS?

WCMS 3 updates

8 more sites have launched in the new WCMS 3! Continue to check out the growing list on our Web Resources sites and templates page to see some of the new features and design offered in WCMS 3!

WCMS 3 site launches

WCMS 3 migration eligibility and remediation training 

WCMS site migration eligibility review

A review of each non-custom FDSU WCMS 2 site was completed to determine its eligibility for migration to WCMS 3 via the migration script.

The WCMS 3 eligibility process examined several elements of a site including functionality that is not yet available in WCMS 3, and functionality that must be manually corrected after the site has been migrated using the migration script.

Website leads have been provided with a breakdown for each of their sites, with a clear determination of migration eligibility at this time, and information regarding the next steps.

Migration remediation training now available

The workshop will be available every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. This training will include:

  • A live demonstration of a side-by-side comparison check of a current WCMS site and a WCMS 3 migrated site 
  • Known issues and how to make manual corrections 
  • How to make accurate remediation nots on the Site Migration Remediation Tracker spreadsheet 
  • How to find information, access help and accurately report bugs

Training prerequisite 

Participants must have first completed the following training: 

  • WCMS for Content Maintainers  
  • WCMS for Site Managers  
  • WCMS 3 Fundamentals course   

In advance of the remediation training, participants will need access to a WCMS 3 migrated or new site to work on throughout the workshop. They will also be required to have site manager permissions on both the current WCMS and WCMS 3 sites. 

To register for the remediation training and for more information on the remediation process, please visit the WCMS 3 migration remediation training page

Drop-in lab

Have a question, or need some help with your website? A virtual Drop-in lab will be open every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 1-4 p.m. to provide WCMS content maintainers one-on-one website and training support. Please reach out to Charlotte Armstrong, via email or Microsoft Teams, to schedule an appointment.

Who’s new to the WCMS…

1 more site has launched in the Waterloo Content Management System (WCMS) since our last update.

New on Web Resources

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