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Missed Course Component

In the Spring 2023 Term, AccessAbility Services streamlined the process for students to activate their accommodation “Student may be unable to complete certain assignments on time and created opportunities for Instructors to connect directly with students regarding outcomes. This process will continue for the Winter 2024 Term.

When you complete the Missed Course Component webform, your Instructor will immediately be notified of the need to accommodate and will be presented with accommodation options.  It is your responsibility to ensure the Instructor's contact information on the form is accurate, as this is how our system will notify them. 

Your Instructor is encouraged to email you directly to tell you HOW you will be accommodated (within 2 business days).  This should help you to receive accommodation information more quickly. 

Submit one form per assignment.Please ensure all fields are completed before submitting the form.  

It is expected that you will submit the form in advance of the due date wherever medically possible.You can still submit the form after the due date if the reasons for the delay are due to your condition on file, though options for retroactive accommodations may be limited. 

Complete this form when:

  • You have activated your term accommodations from AccessAbility Services which includes the "Student may be unable to complete certain assignments on time" accommodation; and  

  • You are requesting an accommodation on an individual assignment (Note: This process is for individual assignments only, not group work or tests).

  • The reason for the missing the assignment due date is related to the reason for your registration with our office (versus missing a deadline due to work, athletics, scheduling conflicts, etc.). 

Book an appointment with your consultant directly if:

  • Your accommodation plan does NOT list "Student may be unable to complete certain assignments on time" as an eligibility

  • You require an accommodation for a quiz, midterm, test or final examination

  • You require an accommodation for group work

  • You are seeking a graduate milestone accommodation (e.g. thesis defense) 

  • You are requesting an accommodation for a co-op or work-integrated learning component (e.g. internships, practicums, clinical placements) 

  • You are not sure if this form is the appropriate pathway for your accommodation request 

If you have any questions or if you require assistance completing this form, please contact our office by phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 35082 or email: access@uwaterloo.ca.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.