Grand Opening of Studio One + Student Exhibition

On November 30, 2018, the first Architectural Engineering Studio One was officially opened and first-year students were invited to showcase their final projects as part of the exhibition.

The final project - a 3D model of a bunkee - was designed for use by hikers/bikers arriving at Columbia Lake via the Trans Canada Trail. Attention was focused on the human impacts and potentials of light, air, view, and connection to the site and surrounding nature. Floor plans and 3D illustrataions were first rendered digitally before being meticulously constructed using paper, cardboard, wood and plastic. Each group presented their bunkee to a panel of judges and students, detailing the design process and functionality of the structure.

Guests were also invited to vote for their favourite sketches, and the People's Choice Awards were awarded to Carrie Zhu (winner) and Harry Jiang (runner-up).