WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022 event was held during Orientation Week for new Architectural Engineering students on September 7th-9th. The class of 2027 was divided into groups and challenged with the design and construction of a piece, or set, of outdoor furniture suited for a selected site on the University of Waterloo campus.
The purpose of the WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022 event was to engage 1st year Architectural Engineering students in “design from day one”, and create an experiential learning environment where students are given the freedom to explore creative ideas while also drawing on the resources of experienced faculty, graduate students, upper-year students and lab technicians.

The annual event has become a tradition in the Architectural Engineering program, and after two years of online and hybrid format, everyone involved with the program was excited to return to a full in-person event.
This year’s event also attracted special interest and support from several industry partners, mainly WalterFedy, who sponsored the event and participated in the students’ projects evaluation.
RDH Building Science and Melloul-Blamey Construction supported the event by providing food, and representatives from DIALOG participated as projects judges.

After a brainstorming and initial design phase, receiving critiques, putting together their physical model, and preparing presentations, the groups showcased their physical model and presentations in front of two judging panels.
The panels, a mixture of industry representatives from WalterFedy and DIALOG, as well as Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty members, then had a chance to engage with the students.
Evaluation criteria included creativity and aesthetics of the piece(s), its practicality and functionality and the groups’ presentations and responses to questions from the judges. Bonus points were awarded for demonstrating the strength of the physical product.

WalterFedy AE Design Days 2022 winners:
1st place and People’s Choice- Group 5 with “Collapsible Comfort”
2nd place- Group 9 with “E7 Bench Station”
3rd place- Group 2 with “Bac to Bac”

Honorable mentions:
Group 3- “Goose Gallery” was awarded “Most likely to show up at Thanksgiving table”
Group 10- Chair was awarded “Most ingenious”
Group 18- “Porta-Bench” was awarded “Most likely to show up at IKEA”