UUfie - Recent Projects

UUfie - Recent Projects (Co-presented with Idea Exchange / Design at Riverside)

Established in 2009, UUfie is an architecture and design practice working globally. UUfie’s works span the fields of architecture, interior design, art, landscape, furniture, and product design.

Through a rigorous conceptual and intellectual approach aimed at dialogue and collaboration, UUfie explores the expressive quality of space, object and materials. Inspiration is not singular but drawn from many influences around the world. Every project is unique, yet can be unified by working in a highly participatory and collaborative method, with clients, engineers, fabricators and specialist consultants all contributing from the beginning of a project to completion.

While continuing to push for innovation and experimentation, the studio aims to ensure to address the specific features and potential of a particular situation, embracing them into the project while responding to the requirements of the program.