Arriscraft Lecture Series, Climate Strike! Fall 2019 - Winter 2020

Winter 2020

January 16, 6pm. David Fortin and Ange Loft in Conversation, Laurentian University (Sudbury) Jumblies Theatre (Toronto) Launch of Scapegoat Journal issue 12, Canada: Fences, Blockades, or Taking Care?

March 5, 6pm. Emmanuel Pratt, Sweet Water Foundation (Chicago)

Gediminas Urbonas / Nomeda Urbonas, Swamp School, ACT / MIT (Cambridge, MA)

Brian Porter / Matthew Hickey, Two Row Architects (Six Nations)

Fall 2019

September 19, 6pm. Maria Theresa Alves, Recipes for Survival

September 27, 11:30am. Global Climate Strike, Waterloo Town Square, Waterloo

October 02, 7pm. Candidates Climate Debate, 100 Debates on the Environment, UWSA (Cambridge, ON) (YouTube)

October 03, 6pm. Fadi Masoud, Coding Flux, Landscape Architecture

October 24, 6pm. Daniel Pearl, L'OEUF (Montreal)

November 14, 6pm. Elsa Lam, Martin Leifheiber, Carol Phillips and Lola Sheppard, Book launch of Canadian Modern Architecture and sustainablility roundtable (Sponsored by OAA and CA)

Fall-Winter Arriscraft poster