Solidago fauciba

Wieboldt, T.F. and J.C. Semple. 2003. Solidago fauciba (Asteraceae: Astereae), a new mesic forest goldenrod from the Appalachian Mountains. Sida 20(4): 1605–1616.


Solidago faucibus, sp. nov., is described from two disjunct areas of the Appalachian Mountains in South Carolina and a contiguous area of Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. The species is a decaploid (2n = 90) and has its affinities with the Solidago arguta group. It is distinctive in its extremely large leaves, especially on basal off-shoots, generally shorter inflorescence branches, large capitulae, uniformly pubescent achenes, and in forming large clonal (few-flowering) patches. Population variation, distribution, and habitat are discussed.