Doellingeria ledophylla var. covillei

Coville's Cascade Aster

Doellingeria ledophylla (Greene) Semple, Brouillet & G.A. Allen var. covillei (Greene) Semple, Brouillet & G.A. Allen is native to montane meadows, openings in montane to subalpine coniferous forests most commonly in central and southern Oregon and northern California (Allen 2006 FNA). The variety is distinguished by its glandular, non-woolly peduncles and heads with usually 5-8 rays.  The variety has been treated as Eucephalus covillei Greene, Aster covillei (Greene) Blake ex Peck, Aster ledophyllus (A. Gray) A. Gray var. covillei (Greene) Cronq. and Eucephalus ledophyllus (A. Gray) E.L. Greene var. covillei (Greene) Nesom. The variety is diploid 2n=18.