Heterotheca grandiflora Nutt. is native to California and northern Baha California Norte in Mexico and possibly introduced into more eastern areas of the range. Heterotheca grandiflora range mapThe species is an annual with usually erect stems that are more densely leafy (Semple FNA) than those of H. subaxillaris. The leaves are elliptic lanceolate. Ray floret cypselae lack pappus bristles and hairs.  Dwarf shoots are similar to much taller shoots but with a more obvious change from petiolate basal stem and rosette leaves and sessile upper stem leaves. Heads from 10–110+, in corymbiform arrays, becoming paniculiform with age, branches ascending, usually relatively short compared to plant height.  Sandy and gravelly soils, dunes, disturbed ground, roadsides, vacant lots, fields.  The species has been introduced into Hawaii and Australia (see here). The species is diploid 2n=18.