Cascade Sticky Goldenrod

Solidago bellidifolia E.L. Greene is a high elevation alpine species native to the peaks of the Cascade Mountains in Washington and Oregon and very rarely on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  It was included in Flora North America (Semple and Cook 2006) as S. simplex Kunth var. nana (A. Gray) Ringius in Ringius & Semple, but is treated here as a distinct species.  Plants are short ( 4.5–13.6 cm) and have basal leaves that are spatulate with a blade base that abruptly narrows to a petiole.  Plants for tufts of shoots from a woody branching caudex.  The species is diploid 2n=18.

Solidago bellidifolia range draft JCS.jpg

Semple et al. (2019) presented a multivariate analysis of all 13 species of S. subsect. Humiles and compared S. bellidifolia to S. glutinosa in an analysis that provided support for recognizing the two as separate species.