White goldenrod, Silverrod

Solidago bicolor L.  is widely distributed in eastern North America (Semple & Cook 2006).  The species is disguished by having white-rayed heads arranged in a wand shaped inflorescence.  It is very similar to S. hispida, which has been included in the species by some authors.  The two species can occur together, but I have not seen hybrids between them.  The species is only known at the diploid level 2n=18.

Solidago bicolor range Semple draft

Semple (2016) documented a Solidago bicolor × S. brendiae hybrid using multivariate morphometric analysis of specimens of S. bicolor, S. brendiae and S. canadensis.  The hybrid was first reported by Hinds (1984) as S. bicolor × S. canadensis; the subsect. Triplinerviae parent was actually S. brendiae.

Semple et al. (2017) presented a multivariate study of the S. bicolor complex that includes S. hispida, S. porteri, S. roanensis, and S. sciaphila and more broadly S. erecta.