Boott's Cut-leaf Goldenrod

Solidago boottii Hooker is a west of the Mississippi R. species in S. arguta complex with infrequent populations occurring further east.  It is characterized by having few to many hairs on the abaxial mid vein of lower and mid stem leaves, particularly in the mid portion of the blade. It has hairy fruit like S. vaseyi.  It was treated as S. arguta var. boottii (Hooker) E.J. Palmer & Steyermar in FNA (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA), but recently Semple and Beck (2021) recognized it at the species level.  Morton (1973) treated it as a separate species.  Solidago boottii was included in a multivariate study of S. sect. Argutae (Semple et al. 2021) and was found to be more similar to S. vaseyi than S. arguta. It is diploid 2n=18 with counts reported for Missouri, Arkansas, and Alabama.

Solidago boottii range draft JCS