Capulin Mountain Goldenrod

Solidago capulinensis Cockerell & Andrews was treated as a synonym of S. wrightii by Semple & Cook (2006).  It is native to Capulin Mt., Union Co., New Mexico.  Nesom & Lowry (2010) reported on the existence of plants growing as escaped cultivars in adjacent Colorado.  Semple et al. (2017) included the species in a multivariate study of all taxa in S. subsect. Thyrsiflorae and found strong statistical support for recognized the species as distinct from S. wrightii and S. petiolaris.  The upper stem leaves of S. capulinensis tend to be serrate unlike those S. wrightii and S. petiolaris and it has the shortest outer phyllaries (< 2 m) of all the species in the subsection.

 Solidago capulinensis range Semple draft

The chromosome number is unknown.