Solidago dahurica (Kitag.) Juz. is the central and eastern Asian goldenrod with fruits that are sparsely hairy only on the upper half of the fruit body.  The basal leaves usually have large serrations (Chen & Semple 2011).  Its range extends from eastern Uzbekistan and southern central Russia to the Kamchatka Peninsula and south to northern China.  It also occurs in the Himalaya Mts. in Pakistan, India and Nepal. 

Solidago dahurica range draft JCS

The species has been treated as S. virgaurea. ssp. dahurica (Kitag.) Kitag.  Solidago virgaurea has fruits that are very sparsely to densely hairy over the entire fruit body, while S. dahurica has very few to many hairs on the upper portion of the fruit body.

Solidago dahurica has been reported to be diploid 2n=18 at scattered locations across its range in Russia.

In the multivariate analysis of S. ser. Solidago by Semple et al. (2020) 19 of 25 specimens of the S. dahurica a priori group (76%) were assigned a posteriori to the S. dahurica group, 5 specimens were assigned a posteriori to S. pacifica and 1 specimen with more hairy fruits from Xinjiang Prov., China to S. virgaurea.

An excellent image is posted on line by Marina Roshkanyuk.