Drummond's Goldenrod

Solidago drummondii Torr. & A. Gray is distinguished by its ovate leaf blades with three prominent veins and large margin serrations.  The species is native to crevices of limestone ledges and bluffs, and rocky woods, especially in calcareous soil in the eastern half of Missouri and adjacent Arkansas and Illinois eastward in southern Illinois (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA).  Cronquist (1980) listed Solidago drummondii as reputedly in Louisiana; K. N. Gandhi and R. D. Thomas (1989) did not see any specimen from that state.  There is one diploid count 2n=18 for the species.

Solidago drummondii range Semple draft

Semple (2003) placed the species in ser. Drummondiana which was included in subsect. Venosae by Semple and Cook (2006 FNA). Cronquist (1980) placed the species just before S. odora. 

The species is listed at plants.usda.gov as a synonym of S. rugosa ssp. aspera, which is surprising since the two taxa are easily distinguished on the basis of the mid stem leaf venation.