Gillman’s or Dune Goldenrod

Solidago gillmanii (A. Gray) Steele is native to sand dunes and sometimes sandy beaches on Lake Michigan and northern Lake Huron in Ontario, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin.  Solidago gillmanii has sharply serrate, apically acute lower stem leaves that are usually > 10 mm wide, unless the shoot is short; cypselae are sparsely strigose proximally and sparsely to moderately dense strigose distally.  The species was treated as Solidago simplex var. gillmanii (A. Gray) Ringius by Semple & Cook (2006 FNA) and included in ssp. randii.  Semple & Peirson (2013) supported treating the taxon at the species level. It is tetraploid throughout its range (Peirson et al. 2012).

Solidago gillmanii range Semple draft

Semple et al. (2019) presented a multivariate analysis of all 13 species of S. subsect. Humiles.  Solidago gillmanii was compared to all other species and to the 6 species native to the mid western and eastern US and adjacent Canada and specimens usually were assigned a posterior to S. gillmanii in these analyses.