Hinton's Rough Goldenrod

Solidago hintoniorum Nesom is native to northeastern Mexico.  It is rhizomatous and has stem pubescence, basal leaf traits and inflorescence features that are similar to S. radula and forms of S. velutina of S. subsect. Nemorales.  In the protologue Nesom (1989) compared S. hintoniorum to S. petiolaris and S. wrightii (subsect. Thyrsiflorae).  Specimens of S. hintoniorum key out to S. radula in FNA (which does not include S. hintoniorum), not to a species in subsect. Thrysiflorae.

Solidago hintoniorum range Semple draft

In a multivariate study of S. subsect. Nemorales (Semple 2018), a small sample of S. hintoniorum was placed in the classificatory analysis into either S. hintoniorum or S. velutina using only four floral traits.  Further work is needed to collect more specimens of S. hintoniorum at the right stage of development to provide a larger sample size to determine how distinct S. hintoniorum is from S. velutina.

The chromosome number is unknown.