Anise-scented or Fragrant or Sweet Goldenrod

Solidago odora Ait. is widely distributed in the southern U.S. with the range extending north to southern New England in the east.  It is distinquished by its smooth, entire, single veined, lanceolate-deltoid leaves that give off a strong anise odor when crushed (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA).  The involucres are usually green to bright yellow becoming a bit rusty with age; phyllaries are lanceolate with hyaline margins and single veined.  The species is diploid 2n=18 throughout its range. Solidago odora range Semple draft

It is treated here in a narrow sense including only var./ssp. odora in FNASolidago chapmanii is excluded as a separate species. Michaux (1803) treated the species as Solidago retrorsa Michx.  Specimens in P and P-MICH he labeled as S. odora are in fact collections of the distantly related S. tortifolia Ell. of S. subsect. Triplinerviae (Semple et al. 2020).