Carolina Goldenrod

Solidago pulchra Small is native to sandy depressions and boggy ground in pine savannas in small area of coastal North Caroliana.  In general appearance taller plants (60-80 cm) are similar to small plants of S. virgata (S. stricta sensu authors not Ait.).   Small plants (20-50 cm) are most common.  It has much reduced upper stem leaves, 5–25 heads in a wand shaped inflorescence, 8–13 rays, and 20–25 discs.  The species is tetraploid 2n=36.

 Solidago pulchra range Semple draft

In a multivariate analysis of the S. stricta complex, S. pulchra was strongly supported as distinct from S. virgata (Semple et al. 2016). The mean number of disc florets was 15 for S. pulchra and 7.6 for S. virgata which means the involucres of S. pulchra are usually more broadly cylindrical versus narrowly so in S. virgata.  The tallest most robust plants of S. pulchra could be confused with smaller plants of S. virgata.