Turner's Goldenrod

Solidago turneri Semple is the most recently described and least known narrow endemic species of goldenrod native to North America (Semple 2021).  The species is most similar to some forms of S. lepida (var. salebrosa) in stem and head features, but has very narrow and very long oblanceolate mid stem leaves.  Stems are hairless below to very sparsely short hairy and sparsely minutely stalked glandular in the inflorescence.  Involucres are small for plants in S. subsect. Triplinerviae and the phyllaries are narrow and graduated.  It is native to wet habitats along streams in Presidio Co., Texas.  Additional field work and collections are needed to complete a full description of the species. It is currently only known from the type collection (Matt Turner & B.L. Turner 23-181 TEX), which is the voucher for a chromosome count of 2n=9II (Powell and Turner 2005).