Glandular Wand Goldenrod

Solidago villosicarpa LeBlond is one of the most distinct species in subsect. Squarrosa and can be very showy.  The large glandular involucres with appressed phlyllaries are unique in subsect. Squarrosae (Semple & Cook 2006 FNA).  The species is diploid 2n=18.  The species is very rare and found in small disjunct areas of coastal of North Carolina in a distinctive oak community.  The species has large heads with cylindrical involucres like S. squarrosa, but the phyllaries are appressed.

Solidago villosicarpa range Semple draft

Solidago villosicarpa was included in a multivariate study of 14 species of S. subsect. Squarrosae (Semple et al. 2017) and in a study of just 5 species of the subsection (Semple et al. 2017).  In both studies, S. villosicarpa was found to be one of the most distinctive species in the subsection.