Student Career Wellness Stories

ErikaWelcome to Career Wellness week! We are Erika and Farah, and we have been co-op students at the Centre for Career Action for the Spring 2020 term. This week, we’ll be presenting student stories about their experiences preparing for their own careers. We’ve asked students to reflect on their career development so far and how their well-being has tied into their career exploration. These daily stories will feature topics such as balancing a busy schedule or taking on a new job or volunteer position. Read on to discover how some students have incorporated wellness in their career path!

FarahThis project was created to explore how co-op, volunteer, and careers have affected student perspectives. While working on this project, the themes identified are based on our own student experiences. We acknowledge that there are many different aspects which contribute to wellness, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, status, country of origin and culture that may have not been reflected in these stories. This is not a reflection of what everyone’s experiences are in co-op/regular programs at the University of Waterloo, rather they are stories that are based on individual experiences. Our goal is to motivate peer-to-peer connections and raise awareness of both the advantages and also the challenges that many students experience in their career development. We want to emphasize that the Centre for Career Action is here for you.