The University of Waterloo values experiential learning that takes student experience beyond academics. This is exactly why Kevin Ye, MBET candidate 2024, was drawn to explore the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) program. 

As an outgoing and experienced entrepreneur, Kevin wanted a degree that offered a strong academic foundation and opportunities that would help him harness his extroverted side. He knew this was critical for his success. From networking events, both on and off campus, to pitch competitions, industry-driven projects, social mixers and more, the MBET program made the most sense to him. 

“As a serial entrepreneur in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region, I wanted to grow my existing businesses. I knew the MBET program would immerse me in the ecosystem, develop my entrepreneurial thinking, and teach me the skills I need to improve my businesses.”  

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The MBET program equips students with the business knowledge, skills, and experience to move ideas and innovations into commercial practice. Students take core business courses such as marketing, finance, and accounting; however, course content and delivery is focused on the entrepreneurship process. Students also take courses in innovation and technology management, as well as certificates in technical sales and management consulting. 

Entrepreneurial experience is embedded in the MBET curriculum through practical components that provide context and hands-on application for classroom learning.  

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“Everything about the Conrad School told me I belonged here. From the courses I would be taking as an MBET student, to the access I would have to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, I knew this was the right program for me.” 

Kevin Ye

From day one, Kevin wasted no time tapping into the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Waterloo Region. He joined the Accelerator Centre, attended Velocity events, and worked with Greenhouse’s mentors for the Changemaker Labs and Social Innovator Training. Kevin did all these things while working on his own venture. He has been a pivotal contributor to social gatherings with his fellow cohort, both inside and outside the classroom.  

Kevin has a few words of wisdom he would like to share with prospective MBET students: “You’re here to tell your story and to be a ‘Warrior.’ Always remember you can do anything. Get involved. Go to Velocity, apply to all the competitions, join all the events - especially Conrad Blenders! Don't give up.” 

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