Thoughts on Entrepreneurship: Having a Tormentor

Friday, January 19, 2018

MBET, Joel Kadish

Young entrepreneurs often seek a Mentor, but what they should be looking for is a Tormentor.Anyone going through the rigors of entrepreneurship needs to have an experienced individual that will guide them through the ups and downs of trying to start a successful business. They need someone that will cheer them on and keep them going, and draw on their own knowledge and experience to help guide the entrepreneur to success.

However, for most entrepreneurs, whose business idea may be the worst thing since the one-touch pizza ordering fridge magnet, having a Tormentor is much more important.

To be clear, what I mean by a 'Tormentor' is an individual that has your best interests in mind, but who will consistently challenge you and the underlying principles of your idea until you have proven to them (and to yourself) that they are true.

They want to see you succeed and understand that in order to be a successful entrepreneur you need to understand the challenges you are up against.

You need to understand the competition, the enablers, balancers, complementors, suppliers and most of all, your customers.

I am a very far ways away from being a successful entrepreneur in any regard, but I'd like to thank my Tormentor, David Rose, for helping me achieve any nominal amount of progress I may have made.

Always good to know that I have a Tormentor in my corner!

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