Applicants must meet the following minimum admission requirements to be considered for the MBET program. Preference will be given to applicants who can demonstrate applicable experience and goal in venture creation, or launching new initiatives in organizations to enhance the company’s value proposition. Experience and passion for creating new non-profit organizations, charity or social movement is also viewed favourably.

MBET is a professional course-based program, so you do not need to secure a supervisor.

We encourage you to apply early as admission is competitive and space to the program is limited.

Academic requirement

illustration/icon of a degree documentThe main, minimum academic requirement is based on an undergraduate degree. However, in some cases, a post-graduate degree may also be required. We do not require a GMAT or GRE.

If you obtained your undergraduate degree outside of Canada, please look up the country where you got the degree on the international admissions equivalencies page on the Graduate and Post-Doctoral Affairs (GPSA) website. 

For international students who obtained an undergraduate degree from a Canadian university or college, we require a four-year, honours bachelor's degree with a minimum overall average of 75%.

You will need to provide digital copies (unofficial) transcripts and degree documents for your online application. Transcripts and degree documents for all formal, post-secondary education should be included, even if it is not required. For example, if you do not require a post-graduate degree, but you have one (or more), please include this on your application.

Work experience

A minimum of one-year full-time work experience obtained either through co-operative work terms as part of an undergraduate academic program or through post-graduate work experience. 

On average, MBET students have approximately five years of work experience.

You will need to provide a copy of your résumé/Curriculum Vitae (CV) for your online application.


illustration/icon of an email with a plus sign symbolReferences are collected electronically through the online application system. You will be required to provide the name, title and official/formal email address for all of your referees. Referees will automatically receive an email from the Waterloo Graduate Studies Office with instructions to complete a reference score sheet and return it to the Graduate Studies Office. 

We require three references; one academic, one professional and one either academic or professional.

We will not accept referee emails from generic, consumer domains such as, or You do not have to collect reference letters yourself but it is recommended you notify referees in advance.

Please review the Graduate Studies References guidelines for complete details on who qualifies as a reference.

English Language Proficiency (ELP) certification

Most international students will be required to provide proof of ELP.

The following are acceptable ELP certification exams and minimum required scores.

Table of Graduate Studies accepted examinations and required scores
writing 25;
speaking 25
writing 6.5;
speaking 6.5
80 per section;
speaking 3
60 per band;
70 writing;
70 speaking
writing 65;
speaking 65
overall in level 400 with at least 75% in writing, oral and academic skills

ELP exemptions

Some international students are exempt from the ELP requirement, for example, Nigerian, Australian and Sri Lankan nationals. There are also other ELP exemptions dependent on academic or work experience conditions. You can view the complete list of ELP exempt countries and other ELP exemption conditions on the GSPA website.

Letter of intent

illustration/image of a thought bubbleA 500-word letter of intent (Supplemental Information Form/SIF) is required for admission to help determine fit for the program.

The letter of intent should state the following:

  • Why entrepreneurship? Why do you want to study and practice entrepreneurship? What are your entrepreneurial goals?
  • Why MBET? How will the MBET program help you accomplish your goals?
  • Support the answers above by connecting them to your previous academic, work, business, or entrepreneurship and venture-creation experience.

Video Interview

Only qualified applicants who meet or exceed all the admissions requirements will be invited to participate in a video interview.

Video interview questions are designed to better understand applicants abilities, attitudes and aspirations as they relate to the following domains:

  • Career fit
  • Motivation
  • Self-development
  • Opportunity identification
  • Entrepreneurial action
  • Resiliency
  • Communication

Video interviews are the last stage of the application process and are reviewed by the MBET program director who makes all final admission decisions.

The Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business encourages all international applicants to apply no later than April 1st to allow adequate time to secure a Study Permit.