Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology

Three MBET students discussing a project in the Conrad Hub space

Get a graduate business degree while you build your venture

In the Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET), students learn inside and outside of the classroom. Networking, practical experience, and hands-on learning with like-minded people in the Waterloo entrepreneurship community that complement the core master's-level courses inside the classroom.

Students are immersed in an experiential learning environment. Through the program, students are focused on the commercialization of their ideas to build a venture. Students will also explore creating new ventures within an existing organization in a corporate innovation project, and will also collaborate with early-stage technology startups to validate their business model. 

The MBET is a graduate entrepreneurship masters program that combines interdisciplinary courses with practical experiences in venture creation and commercialization, offered in 2 formats: the full-time program which is completed in one year and the part-time program which is currently completed in three years.

Is MBET right for you?

The MBET program is designed for bright, ambitious, creative, and curious team players who can demonstrate they have the passion and drive it takes to excel as an entrepreneur.

MBET students come from all academic disciplines including engineering, business, computer science, math, science, and the arts. The program provides the perfect platform to experience venture creation in its many forms.

Hear from MBET faculty members

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