Entrepreneurship for Social Impact: Pandemic Edition

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Image of a pandemic map/data visualization

The world needs entrepreneurs now more than ever. This spring 2020 term, the Conrad School is offering six undergraduate and four post-graduate courses for entrepreneurial students at Waterloo rise to the challenge and make things happen.

BET 420: Entrepreneurship for Social Impact: Pandemic Edition 

We are currently facing an unprecedented challenge. The Conrad School has decided to help rise to that challenge by offering a “special edition” of Entrepreneurship for Social Impact focused on Healthcare and Social Innovation in times of pandemic. As challenging as these times are, there is promise in the innovation we are beginning to see, from open-sourced designs for healthcare equipment to live-streaming models used to promote overall well being in communities.
Pandemic problems know no disciplinary bounds.  We need everyone's skills and talents to tackle them. Regardless of a student's field — engineering, arts, environment, math, science, or a student of health sciences — this challenge, and this course, are relevant for all students.
In this course, we will explore the foundations of Social Entrepreneurship together with students, while employing tools in design and systems thinking to facilitate our learning. Specific challenges that this pandemic has brought to light will be framed for students to deep dive into, based on student interest. Key challenge areas include Healthcare Innovation, Technological Innovation, Social Innovation, Access for Vulnerable Populations, and Emerging Models that will thrive in this new (albeit hopefully temporary) “normal”. 

"In this edition of BET 420, students will explore pandemic themes and the shifts we are facing to better understand how they can contribute to society."
― Roopa Reddy, Instructor

Students will move from exploring the problem space and scope to understanding where current gaps are in solutions, before moving towards contributing new solutions (or helping current solutions pivot), through a final virtual pitch. We will employ virtual guest speakers, current news and research, and several online discussions throughout the term. Take note Engineering students, this pandemic edition of BET 420 presents a unique opportunity for you to develop ideas towards a Capstone Design Project.

Spring 2020 Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (BET) undergraduate courses

In addition to the previously-mentioned course, this spring 2020 term the Conrad School is also offering:

  • BET 100 - Foundations of Entrepreneurial Practice
  • BET 210 - BET 210 Business Technologies and Infrastructure (new course)
  • BET 300 - Foundations of Venture Creation
  • BET 420 - Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • BET 340 - Essentials of Entrepreneurial Planning and Execution

View all undergraduate BET course details.

Spring 2020 Business and Entrepreneurship (BE) graduate-level courses

Graduate students in Engineering master’s and doctoral programs can enhance their degree with the BE courses the Conrad School is offering this term:

  • BE 600 Management and Leadership 
  • BE 603 Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • BE 605 Project Management
  • BE 606 Entrepreneurship and Innovation

View all graduate BE course details.

Don't miss out — important dates

Add/drop for undergraduates has been extended to May 25, 2020. For graduate students, the last day for add/drop is May 24, 2020.

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