Last week, a group of Conrad School's MBET students embarked on an exciting trip arranged by our Outreach and International Programs Manager, Cristen Brown, to San Francisco and Silicon Valley! 

During the trip, the students had the incredible opportunity to visit a variety of innovative companies as well as MBET alumni and engage in insightful discussions. These companies included Faire, PagerDuty, Y Combinator, Waymo, Plug and Play, Google, and Stanford!

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with our students Fraser Harris,  Ahsan Sadiq, Ron Lamb, Marcelo Cortes, Alex Solomon, Kat Mañalac, Gus Katsiapis, Chrix Finne, Scott Masler, Ismail Khalil, Winston Choe, Ethan Henry, and Jeff Cabili! 

students gather for a photo
students gather for a photo

One key takeaway: success hinges on a team's capabilities more than just a great idea. Understanding why you, as founders, are uniquely positioned to bring a particular vision to life is critical.

Ryan Westaway Brouwer, part-time MBET student 

group photo of full and part-time MBET students
Students pose for group photo under Google logo