Meet the fall 2021 Enterprise Co-op pitch winners

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

This fall term, Enterprise Co-op students submitted five-minute video pitches for prizes of $5,000 at the Ignition Week pitch competition. Each student video pitch was evaluated by a panel of judges. Meet the fall 2021 pitch winners!

E-Launch Awards

The E-Launch Awards are awarded to the winners of a pitch competition among non-engineering students in the E Co-op program. Up to five scholarships of $5,000 are awarded each term.

Madison Greenough

Madison Greenough, Beaverdam Designs

Math and Business

Beaverdam Designs is aiming to establish a passive income stream through the Amazon FBA service. Beaverdam Designs will sell products in the home decor market across North America. The market is currently dominated by international competitors who lack an understanding of the North American consumer. Beaverdam Designs will capitalize on this opportunity by addressing the current pain points of customers by offering high-quality goods with superior customer service and clarity in the set-up experience. Starting with wooden industrial pipe shelves as the first product to be launched this Fall, Beaverdam Designs hopes to introduce additional products in the coming months such as cutting boards, wine accessories, and more.

Kritnoor Singh

Kritnoor Singh, Sanj Intl

Financial Analysis and Risk Management

Sanj Intl is a company that is focused on procuring canned goods and food additives from manufacturers in China and selling them to restaurants, caterers, and retailers over here. Food additives are usually used by restaurants, caterers and companies that make chips, sauces etc. We have contacts in China that can supply us with the required products at a cheap price, and we can procure them from them, store them and then sell them to our customer segment. The product in demand has to go from manufacturers in China to a warehouse in Canada. That is where we come in. Our responsibility is to ensure the product reaches Canada safely. On top of these logistics services, we also act as the importer of the product. We store it ourselves in our warehouse facility and then supply it to our customers using Cargo trucks. We plan on leasing out the trucks for the delivery of the product at first and then start buying trucks of our own as revenue increases. In case of any future travel restrictions or trade barriers on imports from China, we have planned for other alternatives from the U.S. as well. As the company grows, we plan on having contacts with other manufacturers around the world as well. Our priority is to help people get the best products at a reasonable price. We arere dedicated to serving our customers to the best of our ability and are very excited to be headed on a path of service and adventure.

Ryan Bromley

Ryan Bromley, Peace To Conflict

Arts and Business

Peace to Conflict is a company dedicated to providing high quality, educational, and entertaining content to high school and university students that are focused on Peace and Conflict. Despite the fact that Peace and Conflict is an everyday part of life (sometimes a little bit more conflict than peace) it is a field of study that is often neglected by a younger audience. By educating through short videos, it gives students a chance to learn critical personal and professional skills, while not having to spend exorbitant amounts of time doing so.


Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

The Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards are available to students in Engineering. There are two winners this term:

Jeff Keomany

Jeff Keomany, ComPeat Soil

Civil Engineering

ComPeat Soil is a horticultural company providing a sustainable alternative to peat-based soils. Peat is mined from peatlands and contributes to 6% of the worlds carbon dioxide emissions per year. Peatlands hold 30% of the worlds total stored carbon and are home to many indigenous communities in Canada. At ComPeat Soil, it is our goal to shift the horticultural market to environmentally friendly soils.

Michelle Sprackman

Michelle Sprackman, Shop OKO


Shop OKO are retail boutiques showcasing Canadian brands and my own jewellery brand, OKO, within existing cafes and storefront businesses in Toronto, Canada. We celebrate community, local neighbourhoods and the connection between our purchases and the people who make them. Shopping with us helps keep the storefronts of Toronto passionate small business owners like me going!