Meet the spring 2019 Enterprise Co-op pitch winners

Friday, May 24, 2019

This spring term, Enterprise Co-op students pitched for five prizes of $5,000 at the Ignition Week pitch competition. Each competing student had five minutes to pitch their venture to a panel of judges, followed by a three-minute question period. Meet the spring 2019 pitch winners!

E-Launch Awards

The E-Launch Awards are awarded to the winners of a pitch competition among non-engineering students in the E Co-op program. Up to five scholarships of $5,000 are awarded each term.

Shelby Paxton, Inverte-Logic

Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Shelby Paxton with award cheque.

Inverte-Logic is an outreach program dedicated to spreading awareness on local invertebrates and sustainable solutions involving them. Inverte-Logic showcases live invertebrates found within Ontario to provide people with the opportunity to learn more about what they can find in their own backyard as well as the difference between invasive and beneficial species. Shows are focused on promoting the role of invertebrates within ecosystems and how we can incorporate them into sustainable living.

Terrence Chan, Bead Flight

Honours Arts and Business

Terrence Chan with award cheque.

Bead Flight is an online retailer that sells fuse beads. What were originally educational toys designed for kids, Bead Flight acknowledges the potential that fuse beads have to unleash the creative side of adults. With over five times the number of colours available at local retailers, Bead Flight encourages adults to use the wide range of colours available to create their favourite video game sprites, anime characters, or original designs.

William Xu, Tier 9 Studios

Mathematics, Computer Science Co-op

William Xu with award cheque.

Tier 9 Studios is building an upcoming online multiplayer mobile RPG. Our team is experienced in game development, having released big online games before and worked at successful mobile game studios. The game has been in development for over 8 months and is set to be released in early access mid-late June of this year. With good user retention, monetization and advertising, we hope to eventually make more than a dollar back for each dollar we spend on advertising (the inflection point). With this, we can self-sustain our growth by reinvesting the revenue into ads and repeating the cycle.  

Denisa Suteu, Weddings by Denisa

Arts, Psychology

Denisa Suteu with award cheque.

Weddings by Denisa provides clients with full customizable wedding décor.

Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

The Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards are available to students in Engineering. There are four winners this term:

Caitlin Paridy, Mushmade

Engineering, Architecture Honours Co-op

Caitlin Paridy with award cheque.

Mushmade is a design and material consultancy exploring bio-materials that are natural and compostable, thereby providing an alternative to many non-biodegradable materials sent to landfills. The primary material used is mycelium, the roots of mushrooms. This is grown into molds and fed a natural substrate to form sustainable products. Our goal is to introduce into households small objects made from mycelium, to give consumers access to these innovative bio-materials and shed a light on the critical nature of climate change and our impact on the planet.

Daniel Hejnar, DataSpot

Engineering, Civil and Environmental

Daniel Hejnar with award cheque.

DataSpot offers a visual analytics web-application for municipalities to manage their winter operations through interactive and engaging data analysis. Where the current methods of paper records and spreadsheets fail, our application centralizes their data through rigorous record-keeping algorithms to ensure municipalities have successfully performed their due diligence. For us, it’s more than data analysis, DataSpot is at the junction where data meets design.

Osman Bari, Chutney

Engineering, Architecture Honours Co-op

Osman Bari with award cheque.

Chutney is a publication for diversity and representation that aims to provide a platform for marginalised and misrepresented voices to share their narratives. Through a series of smaller print issues, it will present readers with content that explores various layers of culture and identity, from a range of perspectives. It is structured around a ‘recipe’ of three steps: Chop, Mix and Preserve, which present stories that challenge stereotypes, highlight cultural influences, and celebrate lesser known histories and traditions.

Patrick Stephen, Stephen Digital

Engineering, Architectural Design

Patrick Stephen with award cheque.

Stephen Digital is a Visual production company specializing in creating adaptable content for businesses on social medial Businesses of all sizes need to be marketing themselves on multiple platforms, but they lack the content they need to build their audience, or the time to create it themselves. Through our partnerships we create beautiful, impactful, story-driven and effective content for businesses so that they can build their brand image and online audience.