Meet the spring 2022 Enterprise Co-op pitch winners

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Overbeeke Family Entrepreneurship Excellence Award

The Conrad School would like to extend our gratitude to the Overbeeke family as we introduce the newest award in support of undergraduate entrepreneurs.

The Overbeeke Family Entrepreneurship Excellence Award is presented to a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in any year in the Faculty of Engineering who is pursuing an Enterprise Co-op (E Co-op) opportunity. Selection is based on the development of an outstanding presentation, business plan review, clarity of business description and preparedness to lead a venture or social enterprise as demonstrated through the beginning of term pitch competition. One scholarship of up to $5,000 will be awarded each term between Spring 2022 and through to Fall 2024.

We are proud to introduce the inaugural winner!

Bara Husseini, E Co-op pitch winner

Bara Husseini, Easy Green

Mechanical Engineering

Easy Greenaims to provide middle eastern homes with a method of generating electricity and an alternative way to heat via a solar panel and a heat pump kit. Transforming traditional houses into environmentally friendly homes will reduce carbon emissions and utility bills. Jordan’s ideal environment and energy credit system will allow for excess energy generated in the summer to provide for the heat pump in the winter (indirectly). Join the Race to Make the World a Better Place with Easy Green.

Bara is also one of the recipients of the Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards this term. 


E-Launch Awards

The E-Launch Awards are presented to the winners of the pitch competition among students in the E Co-op program. Congratulations to our winners, who have been awarded $5,000 each by our experienced panel of judges.

Justin Succar, E-Launch winner

Justin Succar, Drop Point Waste Solutions

Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Drop Point Waste Solutions is a disposal monitoring system that seeks to address the issue of excess waste entering traditional dumpsters in high-density residential buildings. By monitoring per-resident disposal tendencies, Drop Point Waste Solutions can create unique waste reduction plans for apartment buildings to increase diversion rates and track progression overtime. The aim is to reduce the amount of material entering landfills and minimize the operating expenses paid by building managers for disposal fees.

Carter Lockbaum, E-Launch winner

Carter Lockbaum, Printing Classics

Global Business and Digital Arts

Printing Classics is an automotive parts company like no other - utilizing photogrammetry to model existing OEM parts and reproducing them using 3D printing. This will give many classic and older car owners the option to purchase new interior and exterior trim pieces that have been discontinued in traditional manufacturing for years, even decades.

Aaditya Lanke, E-Launch winner

Aaditya Lanke, AutoEstate

Honours Mathematics

Autostate is a platform that provides Investment Evaluation tools that enable you to analyse the financial viability of a property investment. The evaluators help make your property Investment decision easier by providing key details such as mortgage costs, potential revenue, ROI, tax benefits and information about which government programs you would be eligible for. Moreover, our platform provides these details at the click of a button, reducing your research from a month to just 10 minutes. So, hop on the AutoEstate website and explore the investment potential of Real Estate.

Ibrahim Ahmed, E-Launch winner

Ibrahim Ahmed, Yama Finance

Computer Science

Yama Finance is a crypto start-up building a single interface/API used to deposit money into any yield-accruing protocol on any chain.

 Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards

The Norman Esch Enterprise Co-op Awards are available to E Co-op students in Engineering. In addition to Bara, there are two other students who have received $5,000 each towards their venture. 

Osose Itua, Esch winner

Osose Itua, Foodage

Mechatronics Engineering

Foodage is the easiest way for restaurants to predict daily demand and plan accordingly. This is achieved using predictive machine learning from past sales data as well as external inputs such as weather, covid guidelines and pricing. Their mission is to eliminate avoidable food waste in the food service industry.

Matthew Chun, Esch winner

Matthew Chun, Matin Nuit

Environmental Engineering

At Matin Nuit, their mission is to bridge South Korean cosmetic manufacturers with influencers around the globe. Matin Nuit offers the best guidance anyone can ask for, from ideation to product launch. Come check out the Matin Nuit website and sign-up for free sampling.<--break->

Congratulations to all spring 2022 Enterprise Co-op pitch winners!