Supporting Students at Spring 2018 Velocity Fund Finals

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Velcoty Fund Spring 2018 Finals

Today, 20 student venture teams will compete to win their share of $130,000 in prizes at the Spring 2018 Velocity Fund Finals. Did you know that 80% of teams competing have completed programs or taken courses at the Conrad School of Entrepreneurship and Business? Keep reading to learn more about these students.

Competing for the $25K Prize

  • ZetoTec founder Conrad Blackwell is a BET 300 student;
  • HITCH founder Chukwuemeka Uche Onuora is a 2016 MBET alumnus;
  • Supercut founder Shadwell Da Cunha is a BET300 and Enterprise Co-op student;
  • Karus Health founders Aliya Kassamali and Ahmed Jamal are MBET candidates;
  • GoParkr founder Frank Jing is a BET 300 student;
  • SheLeads founder and CEO Cassie Myers, and designer Komal Javed are BET 300 students;
  • Intelline founder Kyle Faller is an Enterprise Co-op student;
  • RentHero founders Kangze Huang and Jimmy Guo are both BET 300 and Enterprise Co-op students;
  • HodlBot team software developer Mitchell Vanderhoeff is a BET 300 student.

Competing for the $5K Prize

  • Striive co-founder Andrew McEwen has been accepted into Enterprise Co-op for the Fall term, 2018;
  • Membio founder Shane Kilpatrick is an MBET candidate;
  • Elevate founder Pablo Amaya and team member Karina Gonzales Ramos are both MBET candidates;
  • SpecialVR founder William Koester is an Enterprise Co-op student;
  • DEVINA founder Devina Lookman is an Enterprise Co-op student;
  • IntelliCulture founder Cole Powers has been accepted into Enterprise Co-op for the Fall term, 2018;
  • Gndrv founder Isaac Ellmen is an Enterprise Co-op student.

MBET on the Judges Panel

Sunny Verma, founder and CEO of Tutorbright, is a 2007 MBET alumnus. He will join a panel of three judges for the $5K competition. Welcome back to the campus, Sunny!

Everyone at the Conrad School is excited and proud to see so many connections among the teams and judges at today’s competition. If you can’t make it out in person, join us via live stream.